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Below is a shutter that has been partially restored. You can see the difference!

Shutter Pressure Washing Quakertown, PA

POWER WASHING - Quakertown, PA

We have an extraordinary exterior pressure washing or interior pressure washing service. This is the best way to brighten up your home and get rid of the spiders, bees, and other unwelcome guests. Our mold cleaning and mildew cleaning services are thorough and effective.  The cleaner we use if biodegradable soap.  We include all walkways, porches, patios, and general deck wash on all homes.  We apply a wax on all homes vinyl or aluminum to protect the home from the sun and help keep the dirt from sticking on the home after the rain.  It also gives you home 3-5 years depending on the environment around the house till it has to be cleaned again.  Upon request we clean inside and outside windows by hand for a fee of $7.00 a frame (which is usually two windows). We also restore shutters for an additional fee of $45.00 a set.  This makes your shutters look new after so many years of oxidation.  This is also a great thing to have done to your home if you are trying to sell, it boosts up the value of the home.

We can also paint aluminum siding after it is washed if the customer would like to change the color or replenish what is already there.


This is the best way to brighten up your property for sale or for those summer picnics.  We wash the wood with a biodegradable soap.  We have to clean all the dirt and black green mold that has developed over the years.  If you want the deck stained, we can remove any existing stain that may be left on the deck.  Then staining the deck with a water base stain of the customer's choice comes next.  This is when the customer can pick any color they would like to give the deck a better appearance.  You can stick with the same color you had or chance the look and choice a different color. We also fix, replace, and restructure decks at the customer's request before we wash and stain. Deck design to constructed and care for many years.

*NOTE - Decks must be at least a year old before stain can be applied!


This is the best way to keep your home looking great and help prevent the wood from pests and rotting away. The process is very easy what we do is wash the entire home to remove the stain or paint that may be on the home already and preform a mold cleaning. We then caulk any holes or cracks that need attention and then we apply 2 coats of stain with pesticide solution in the stain to protect the wood for low cost and maintenance for years to come.

Magic Touch offers many services for the community, so click the tabs at the top of the page and check out the services that we can provide you!

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